The difference between a variety of Fragrances

There is a reason why some of the cologne is way more expensive as compared to the other colognes. Choosing cologne or perfume for oneself is one of the most difficult tasks as nobody knows what kind of scent would go well with our signature body scent. But if you look through the counter of perfumes in any departmental stores then you would see that there are many different forms of the perfume of cologne namely Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, etc.

It feels like they are just the names to distinguish between many forms of fragrances rather but then they are very different from each other. It depends on the recipe which makes a difference The fragrance that is there in perfumes and colognes are obtained from the perfume oils which is either mixed in water or alcohol. The higher is the composition of perfume oils in cologne the longer it stays and vice versa. The kind of perfumes that you opt for says a lot about your personality. The different types of perfumes are:

Perfume: One of the most concentrated types of fragrance is the perfume which is also sometimes known as a perfume oil. The composition of perfume oil in the perfume is approximately 20-40% and generally stays for about 6 to 8 hours or even longer after applying. A perfume which lasts for a longer period is generally very expensive which is worthy. A good perfume can even stay up to 48 hours on the wrist or the neck. There are many differences between the cheaper perfumes and expensive & best cologne for men which should be known before buying one.

Eau De Parfum: Eau de Parfum is not the same as a perfume rather it is quite different. As per many manufacturers, the composition of perfume oils in Eau De Parfum is approximately 12 to 15% while many other blogs say that the concentration of perfume oil is about 10 to 20%. The stronger the composition the longest it stays, however, Eau de Parfum generally stays for eight long hours and are a lot cheaper as compared to the perfumes but if the duration of the stay is compared it stays as long as perfume stays.

Eau De Toilette: Eau de Toilette does not stay as long as the other sorts of fragrance stay but it generally lasts for about two to three hours. The composition of perfume oils in Eau de Toilette is approximately 5 to 15%. Eau de Toilette is one of the best options which can be used for office wear as by applying Eau de Toilette you would not smell lovely all day long but then would stay for a period of time which is quite sufficient for the office hours or you must know the proper ways in which your cologne stays a little longer.

Body Mist: Body Mist generally comes in a big and bulky spray bottle but to break the ice this is to inform you that a body mist does not even last for a good two hours. The composition of perfume oils is approximately 3 to 5% which vanishes very quickly.

Eau De Cologne: It is already believed that cologne is something which is used by the men only but in reality, cologne is something which is used by the men and women both. The duration for which a cologne stays is generally two to three hours as long as a body mist stays while the composition of perfume oil in cologne is approximately 4 to 5%. The various fragrances in which cologne comes is citrus, fresh, fruity, etc which are not generally very strong but very mild.

Eau Fraiche: The last but not the least is Eau Fraiche, the composition of the scent is generally high but it does not generally contain more oil because of which it is very watery and contains more alcohol which helps in the diffusion of the scent. It is very similar to a Cologne and body mist as the duration of its stay is also very less which is 1 to 2 hours only.

While buying a scent for yourself you should always see whether the scent you are going to purchase blends easily with the signature scent of your body and the durability of the scent is somewhat what you are looking for. The perfumes that stay a little longer are a bit expensive. Some fragrances smell differently the entire day in other words then smell when it is sprayed is different and the smell gets different later in the day. The perfume contains some raw materials which are derived from natural resources such as synthetics. The concentration of perfume oil in perfume and cologne is something on which the duration of the scent depends upon, which means the higher the concentration of perfume oil the longer it stays.

There are three different notes in the lifecycle of a perfume namely: Top Notes, Medium Notes, and the Base Notes. These steps are nothing but the steps in which a perfume evaporates. The top notes are something that is seen within 15 to 20 minutes of application. The smell that we get soon after applying ascent is the top note which depending upon the durability of the scent stays for about two hours.

The second stage is the medium stage in which the main scent is what we get which depending upon the durability of the scent stays for about 3 to 5 hours. The scent in the stage of medium notes is generally heavier. The base notes are the stage in which the fragrance is the boldest in its entire lifecycle and which generally stays for about 5 to 8 hours before it finally vanishes. The fragrance in the base notes can even last all day long. This is the evolution of scents in which the fragrance keeps on changing which it passes through its lifecycle before it is fully vaporized, but the scent is diffused differently on different skin types.

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