Perfume Can Be Enhanced By Sweating

Perfume is a product that has been used for centuries to produce a great smell and aroma around people and to hide the bad smell and body odor. Perfume is often a composition of mixtures of essential oils, fixatives, solvents, and aroma compounds and there are millions of different perfumes on the planet that have become very popular with customers.

Perfumes are worn by men and women and generally wearing perfume is an essential aspect of getting ready for either casual outing, work or any type of special occasion. Different perfumes suit different type of occasions and people generally have more than one perfume scent. The main purpose of the perfume is to make people smell good and mask the body odor.

Body Odor and Sweating

Each person’s level of sweating and body odor differs and some people have more problems with sweat and body odor in comparison to others. Many people keep applying perfumes throughout the day to mask the body odor so that they don’t stink after rapidly sweating throughout the day. There is a lot of research that has been done in the field of perfumes and scientist and researchers in this field are looking for ways to make the perfume more long-lasting. Today scientists are creating a perfume delivery system that will enhance perfumes when the sweat is excessive. This is important because perfume is needed the most when sweating takes place which creates the body odor which perfume tries to eliminate.

Perfume Triggered By Sweat

The delivery system of a perfume means the system within a perfume that delivers the aroma of the perfume and the time period in which this perfume lasts. Perfume is needed by people who sweat for a long period of time. A perfume that gives its aroma for a little time before the sweating starts and just evaporates and loses its scent when the sweating starts is not useful for most people who wear perfume to negate body odor caused by sweating. Perfume that is designed to become more enhanced when people actually starts sweating and is triggered by the sweat will work very well for people who want a perfume that works when they actually start sweating and creating body odor.

How Perfume is enhanced by Sweat

A researcher in this field from the Queen’s University Belfast has been working to enhance the perfume when people actually start sweating. This is done in such a way that the aroma in the perfume is triggered after the perfume comes in contact with the water molecules in the sweat. The neutral water in sweat is triggered when comes in contact with the perfume. The raw fragrance is tagged onto an ionic liquid that means salt in the form of liquid. The substance released then releases aroma when it comes in contact with the water and more scent is then released from the perfume which is then successful in hiding the body odor caused by sweat. In simple terms when the perfume comes in contact with the sweat the delivery system of the perfume is triggered helping the perfume release more enhanced fragrance and aroma.

Nimal Gunaratne of Queen University Ionic Liquid Laboratories explains that the “Pro-Fragrance” is designed in such a way that it is a lead weight which means that the aroma of the perfume cannot fly off. The perfume stays on the skin with the aroma and when it comes in contact with the water the string between the perfume and the aroma is broken and the aroma is released. The perfume delivery system helps in removing body odors effectively when sweating takes place. The sulfur-based thiol compound in sweat is responsible for body odors are attracted to the ionic liquid mentioned above and then lose their potency and this eliminates the body odor.

The product-based development of perfumes that can be enhanced by sweat is still in the process stage where researchers are working with a company to make such products for the wider market. Perfume is primarily needed for fragrance and to help cover or eliminate the body odor caused by sweating. Perfumes are evolving considerably and there are researchers that are developing modern and more long-lasting perfumes all over the world. Perfumes are an essential aspect of a wardrobe and people love to wear modern and innovative perfume like the one mentioned above

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