8 Basic Types of Perfumes

Perfumes are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe for centuries and today men also wear perfumes extensively as grooming becomes more a part of daily lives for both men and women today. Women in ancient times used perfume in such a way that it attracted men. Every woman liked to have their own personal fragrance made, based on their personality and choice. Perfumes have been part of human civilization for 4000 years and there are various types of perfumes all over the world.

Definition of a Perfume

Perfume is generally made by using aroma compounds, fixatives, solvents, and essential oils and the process of making a perfume varies from place to place though usually, it involves distillation of raw materials. Mostly natural plant-based raw materials, flowers, and natural components are used in making perfume but sometimes chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Perfumes are a multibillion dollar industry today and perfumes can be largely divided into eight categories or sub sections based on the scent and raw materials used to make the perfumes:

Types of PerfumesCitrus Perfumes

This type of perfume is made by using citrus fruits and is a very fresh and natural fragrance. Fruits like lemon, tangerine, oranges, mandarin, and lime are used to make such fragrances and are mainly used as more of a daytime fragrance. Some citrus fragrances are mild and light while others have a sharp and strong tangy citrus fragrance to them.

Woody Perfume

Wood and moss have sweet earthy aromas and many trees are used to make perfumes. Some of the popular woody scents are called chypre fragrances, these types of fragrances are used by both men and women. Oakmoss, patchouli, citrus, and bergamot give strong and earthy aromas and these types of scent are used for all types of occasions.

Floral Perfumes

Different types of flowers are used to make perfumes that have lovely fragrant and sweet aromas. Sometimes just one flower’s aroma is a base note and a very strong scent in a perfume or sometimes a composition of floral scents in used. These romantic fragrances with sweet notes are more popular with women than with men. Flowers like roses, lilies, orange blossoms, gardenias, jasmine, carnations, and many other flowers are used to making perfumes.

Green Perfumes

Leaves, plant-based products like stems, mown grass, and other forms of green vegetation is used as natural raw materials to make fresh perfumes with a natural scent. These green perfumes are usually earthy and sporty perfumes and are used both by men and women. These perfumes are generally very mild in their scent and are more suited for casual events and are ideal for the daytime.

Spicy Perfumes

Spices are not just used for cooking these days and many perfumes are made with a hint or note of different types of spices giving a new definition to the perfumes. Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, pepper, cloves, and other spices are used to make perfumes and a very strong scent can be created by using these types of spices.

Oriental Perfumes

A subsection of perfumes is the earthy and musky perfumes which can be termed as oriental perfumes. The main raw materials used to make such perfumes are musk, amber and different type of animal scents. These are very popular perfumes among men and also among women and are used as attractive fragrances to attract a person usually worn on dates and special romantic occasions.

Fruity Perfumes

Fruits are very commonly used in making perfumes and fruits give a natural sweet smell and aroma to perfumes. The spicy and fruity notes of various perfumes are based on natural fruits which are part of the diet for many people. This can include different types of berries, mangoes, apple, peaches, and other juicy natural fruits which can be used in making fruity perfumes.

Oceanic Perfumes

Synthetic raw materials are often used to create an environmental or natural fragrance found in a particular climate or a region or during a season. Oceanic perfumes are aromas that are created for resembling the freshness of mountain air, clean smell of linen or even the smell of rains or the beach.
Perfumes are divided into the subcategories. Mentioned above are the different types of people with varying personalities tend to buy a variety of perfumes that fit the occasion, personality and even time of the day or season.…