Why Does Perfume Give Me Headache

Most of the people today use different types of fragrances everyday especially as a part of their wardrobe while going out. A quick spritz of scent or perfume is very common for most people in countries all over the world. A few perfume bottles on the vanity are common in most households but at times some people do not like the scent of different types of perfumes and can cause irritation and slight medical problems for some people. Perfume smell can cause headache, nausea, and dizziness. People who have problems with perfumes don’t necessarily completely give up the perfumes but sometimes use milder perfumes or perfumes with different scents. Perfume induced headaches are the most common and there are many reasons for this problem to happen for people of all ages when they use perfume. The following are some of the reasons for perfume induced headaches:

Reasons for Perfume Induced Headaches
Unhappy Memories Induced by Some Scents

Stress and sadness can be caused by a human being because of a number of memory triggers. The smell is usually considered a memory trigger and can lead to sadness and irritation which can lead to headaches. For example, a scent reminding a person of their ex-husband or ex-wife can lead to headaches. Some scents also remind people about unpleasant incidents that have happened in their lives and this triggers unhappy memories which then trigger headaches. This is more of a psychological problem nothing to do with the composition or the raw material but it is about the memory of the scent from the materials used in the perfume.

Allergies to Raw Materials Used in Various Perfumes

A large composition of raw materials is often used to make various fragrances, scents, and perfumes. Perfume allergies can cause headaches, rashes, itchiness, dizziness, wheezing, and muscle aches to name a few medical problems. As there are many types of raw materials used in perfumes and it can be very difficult to pinpoint the exact raw materials causing the allergies. Alcohols, oils, flowers, plant products and various other raw materials used in perfumes not to mention chemicals used during the process of making the perfume which can also cause different types of allergies.
A Sensory Overloa

Sometimes fragrances and perfumes can be extremely overpowering. Every scent has a distinct aroma and some scents are much more powerful than others depending on their concentration and also the raw materials used in making these perfumes. Most people cannot understand exactly how much perfume they need to apply. This means that there are many people who put an excessive amount of perfume which makes them leave a strong odor in their wake. Watching the screen for a long period of time can hurt the eyes, listening to music for a long period of time can give headaches and an overwhelming scent for a long period of time can similarly cause problems. Nausea, headache, and dizziness are common problems caused by such strong perfumes. This type of problem is usually solved by using limited amounts of perfume and opening the doors and windows and going to an area where there is fresh air to escape the overwhelming scent of a strong perfume.

Why Cheap Perfumes Are Often Blamed for Headaches

The price of perfumes is often blamed for the headaches caused by perfumes. People are terrible snobbish about perfumes and believe that cheap perfumes often cause headaches. But sometimes a cheap perfume can be mild and very easy to handle and sometimes a very expensive perfume can cause a headache. The perfume’s scent that causes headaches is due to the raw materials whether the perfume is expensive or cheap has nothing to do this. Some scents are too overwhelming and there are many personal reasons mentioned above for people to get headaches because of perfumes.
Perfumes are an absolutely beautiful addition to any wardrobe and are often helpful in hiding bad breath, the stench of body odor and also helps create a beautiful scent in the environment. The best idea for people to use perfumes without getting headache is to keep trying different scents, strong and mild and there is a perfect scent for almost everybody. Most people can find a perfume that does not cause medical issues and headaches if used in small quantities.…