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The Montreal Collection from Claude André Hébert

The perfumer Claude André Hébert launches five fragrances inspired by emblematic places in the metropolis of Montreal.

These creations and the entire collection of the perfumer can be seen and sampled in his new boutique on rue Saint-Denis, in Montreal

Known for his rare gift Claude André Hébert does not create perfumes he tells olfactory stories by combining the fragrance with his inspirations. Before starting his business, Claude André Hébert worked for several years with large perfume houses, including Aramis and Lancaster. In particular, he held the position of Director of Thierry Mugler Parfumerie in Eastern Canada. In 2002, he decided to focus solely on his passion for perfume design.

At the heart of his ambition: to return to the essentials, to preserve the tradition of perfumers and to create fragrances with essences of the highest quality. Working with natural ingredients imported from the city of Grasse, France, a true Mecca of perfumery, he practices his art with the soul of a craftsman and the freedom of the artist.

À l’ombre des clochers


The first fragrance finds its roots in the neighborhood of Old Montreal.
“August 4th 1701 is marked by the signature of the Peace Treaty with Indian leaders. Montreal is geographically well located for trade. The river made sailing easier… This small town of French origin with its brick and stone paved streets is charming. One can imagine the women of this era wearing their heavy velvet dresses and hats adorned with lace”.
A vintage perfume, À l’ombre des Clochers, brings out the nostalgia of another era when velvet, lace, crinolines, dust and leather co-existed.

Notre – Dame


Arriving at Notre-Dame, we discover the perfume Belle de Notre Dame.

“In the beginning, people living in Quebec were devout Catholics. This is the reason why the Notre-Dame Basilica was built. This basilica is surrounded by the captivating scent of essence reminding us of the devout catholics of Quebec.”

A royal perfume with lily, iris and orange flower that emanate from a very unconventional feminine energy. A singular heady scent, designed for very special occasions. A fresh oriental fragrance, upgraded with a spice cocktail that leaves a rich emotional wake similar to a visit to the Notre Dame Basilica.



The walk continues on René-Lévesque street and we discover another reality.

“René Lévesque, the street, gives off a metallic smell of a large North American city with its skyscrapers and busy streets …”

The perfume Ville-Marie is inspired by this city’s nerve center with its buildings, office towers, concrete, traffic and commercial transactions. A yin energy for an active urban individual that leaves a determined image in its wake, highlighted by a metallic note.



We reach the center point of the city. What would be Montreal without Ste-Catherine street?

“A street with many seductive scents: tobacco, food and hops. A street where all cultures and colors blend together: French and English interspersed with a hint of Chinese and Spanish … This street is one of its kind worldwide, where one feels that everything is possible! ”

Here, is Métropole perfume. A fragrance with festive energy, a sexual floral scent with musky and powdery elements that will certainly, make you like experience a cultural journey.



We end this journey where we find the city’s oxygen and the fragrance, “Mont-Royal” was created.

“Mount Royal has always been the breath of Montreal. This must not be forgotten!  This mountain gives Montreal a scent that no other city has … the smell of freshly grown grass, fir, birch and lilac, give it an incomparable freshness!”

An introduction made of fresh grass, fir and pine. A fresh and masculine scent with a lilac heart. A wink to St. Joseph’s Oratory; a perfume in honor of Frère André with its miraculous healing aromas.

Five fragrances to celebrate Montreal

As Montreal prepares to celebrate 375 years in 2017, Claude André Hébert has created five perfumes, each in its own way, celebrating the charms and personalities of the metropolis as well as its unique olfactory footprint.